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Pumpkin Picking

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Pumpkin Picking

Michael has been working weekends for the past month so when he finally got a full weekend off it was like a breath of fresh air! 

We headed straight to pick pumpkins and straight into a whole lot of traffic. The area we go to this time of year is crazy crowded! None the less we got our parking spot and headed towards the farm.  

With our bellies filled with apple cider donuts and a fresh mozzarella, pesto and tomato panini (in that order lol), we then made our way to the patch. White, green, and peach pumpkins were in our cart. John had multiple meltdowns that were fixed with multiple donuts! lol 

Funny story.  While waiting on line for those yummy donuts a mom behind us asked "where are those pants from, I love them?"  I proceeded to tell her that they are from Madewell and are super comfy! She couldn't believe they sold them at Madewell!  Well about 5 minutes after starting the conversation I finally realized she was not talking about my pants.  She was talking about JOHN'S pants! I was so embarrassed!!! Baaahaaa! It helped that John started to have a meltdown and I left the line like I had to tend to my crazy child when in fact I was the crazy one! lol Moral of the story -- meltdowns/tantrums can be used to get out of uncomfortable situations! Check! lol


Here are some pics from our day along with JOHN'S lovable pants! 



John's outfit

Rylee and Cru Striped pants 

Zara tee {sold out} similar here  and better for cooler temps


My outfit

A&F boxy tee {sold ou} similar here and better for cooler temps

Madewell 9" high-rise skinny jeans 

Brixton Mayfield II fedora 



Hope you all have a great weekend!