Glossier Review

Glossier Review

I can walk into any given Sephora or Ulta, and hunker down for the day. lol This profound love would lead one to believe that makeup and I are friends - not really! I'm a skincare girl! I believe that your skin should be able to breath and feel and look like real skin. I went through a period in high school where I wore bronzer like it was foundation {lol} and I clearly remember my mom asking what was on my skin and saying "nothing"! She then went into the bathroom, grabbed a tissue, and wiped my face! I was shocked and then kindof disgusted at what was on the tissue.  After that, I started using WAY less product. 

Seeing Glossier everywhere, I looked it up and saw that it was affordable and for the "real life girl." Hey, that's me! And before I knew it Super PureMega Greens Galaxy mask, Haloscope Highlighter, Boy Brow,and Balm Dotcom, were in my cart and ready to be shipped! I have super combo, sensitive skin so I was eager to give these beauties a go! 

Super Pure

"Balancing. Soothing. Redness Reducing. Purifying." Zinc is an ingredient which my skin loves and is very helpful in reducing my breakouts.  I use it with my DDF benzoyl peroxide gel and it hasn't broken me out yet! 

Mega Greens Galaxy Mask

"Balancing. Purifying. Nourishing. Refining." LOVE this! It does what it says and I'm obsessed. Skin looks smoother and fresher, and pores look smaller! I try and use it at most 2x/wk. It calls for a thick layer and I don't want to use it all up! lol

Haloscope Highlighter - Topaz

"Enhancing. Nourishing. Easy". It's super easy to put on and gives an instant summer glow with this color, but I think it may have broken me out a little. Still going to keep using it to see if that was the culprit though. I use it on bare skin unless I'm wearing tinted moisturizer {Laura Mercier

Boy Brow - Brown

"Thickening. Conditioning. Flexible". It does what it says and a little goes a long way and the color was perfect. It keeps my brows in place and adds that fullness. I don't like going in heavy on my brows so I use as little as necessary.  

Balm Dot Com - Mint and Coconut

"Soothing. Moisturizing. Conditioning. Smells great." This does what it says and the packaging is super cute.  Perfect to stick in your bag this summer! The only draw back for me is that it contains petrolatum. :(

Overall I would absolutely recommend the Mega Greens Galaxy mask and if you're looking for something fresh and new give the others a try too! 

Let me know if you've tried any others!