Potty Training

Potty Training

John called me over, and as I walked into the living room, there he was hiding behind a basket bare bummed! "I pee pee"! He had taken off his clothes and diaper and peed in said basket.  

That's the day potty training began. My nephew (only 4 mo older) had already been potty trained and I knew the time was coming, BUT I told myself I would start at the 2 1/2 yr mark exactly. lol!  John had other plans apparently.  I truly believe 2 things: when they are ready they will let you  know and peer pressure, in this circumstance, works! John saw his cousin going on the big boy potty and wanted in on the action, lol! Iv'e heard if your child isn't potty trained before going into daycare he or she will soon be afterwards.  They see all of the other kids and just follow suit.  

I took out the Mickey Mouse potty that I had bought a few moths prior when I was feeling ambitious and put it in the play room.  John was bare bummed for about a week while in the house and with no diaper or undies (just pants or shorts) while going into town, the beach, or park. I stayed very local those days.  I only went to places within walking distance to our house.  I remember the first Target trip he took with my mom and he came home DRY! Such a proud mama moment! lol

John always and still wears a diaper while sleeping. I just don't want him to wake up because of an accident just yet.  He wakes up dry every time though. We cut out his nighttime milk cup and started giving it to him right after dinner while he watches his show before bath time.  Then it's story time and night night! To be honest, sometimes he doesn't even want it. I tell John to try and go potty before bed and when he wakes up, even when he tells me he doesn't have to. He ALWAYS goes. lol    

As for travel, we take his Mickey potty with us everywhere although he's only used it a couple of times. It's more for my security. I hate public bathrooms!!! Once, on a weekend trip, John had to go while we were on a highway. Although we had the potty, pulling over and peeing on the grass was so much easier! Insert embarrassed faced emoji! lol Daddy taught John to go potty standing up so he now uses a stool and a kiddie toilet seat cover when he need to go poop! 

Quick Review

Taking cues from John (after peeing in the basket and then the dresser drawer, I figured he was ready)

Bare bummed while in the house for about 4-5 days

Stayed local

Kiddy potty close by (We put it in the playroom)

Frequently asked if he had to go 

Brought the potty while traveling (just in case)

Eliminated the night milk cup

Still wearing a diaper at night (just in case)

Going to sit on the potty after waking up from sleeping (including naps), before going out, and before going to sleep (including naps)


Hope that helped and if you have any questions drop a line in the comments and I'll be sure to get back to you! Now to work on getting rid of his precious binkies! lol

Happy Monday