Summer Weekend Wear

Summer Weekend Wear

Brixton Joanna Hat 

Urban Outfitters Linen A- lineTop 

Urban Outfitters jean 

Diff Eyewear sunnies

Rylee+Cru Striped boy pants 

Zara boy tee sold out {similar here

I love cut off jean shorts but unfortunately they do not love me... These distressed denim jeans are what I call the perfect compromise. lol I'm obsessed with their color too - vintage denim light! I ordered them with this white linen A-Line Strapless top and paired them together! LOVE! Both are super soft and comfy too. The top is light and long. It gave me a little bulge when I tucked it in, but I just went with it! I still think it looks cute :) I threw on this hat and sunnies to complete the look! The shades are from DIFF Eyewear - Charitable Designer Sunglasses. For each pair purchased they send a pair of reading glasses to someone in need. Love that! 

John's wearing the cutest pants from Rylee+Cru! I paired it with a tee from Zara and his Native shoes.  His shirts are what usually get the most damage from food so I usually try and find some cute inexpensive tees.  I love these colors together!

We wore these outfits to the Farmers Market, Bakery, and out shopping this past weekend and they were a hit! The sweet lady behind the counter of the bakery said I just have to tell you how cute you look in that outfit! I was immediately bashful, but said "thank you so much and you made my day." She replied that she had recently read how saying things like this could make someones day and it did!

Kindness is free and it can really change someone's day for the better! But, even if it doesn't change said person, the act of being kind, showing kindness and giving kindness will change YOU. It is good for your heart :)


Happy Monday! Hope it was a good one!