Up Close and personal

Up Close and personal

Summer 2018 - where we learned, grew, and we flew (to Miami for the first time without John)!

So where are we at?


Three years deep into this motherhood thing and we are still growing and learning from each other. John's three year old hormones are battling my 34 (soon to be 35) year old hormones and it’s a battle that must be incredibly entertaining to watch from the sidelines. ;) I will say that I’ve learned to adjust my approach. I speak with more grace (because that’s how our heavenly father talks to us) and instead of anticipating the bad I’m expectant of the good things God has for us. I’ve never shared this before, but I have Epstein Bar, Fibromyalgia, and have had a form of tick-born illness in the past. I’ve also been worked up to the high heaven for all neurological disorders too…. So being a person with anxiety all these things make EVERYTHING worse at times. On top of that I struggle with not feeling “good enough”. I have no root of this struggle except that it’s a LIE that I told myself at some point in life and then slowly believed it. I started seeing a therapist and with God as our guide we work on tearing down those lies and building up the truth!


Three years and 7 months. He’s blowing me away with the things that come out of his mouth - funny and not so funny. lol His one-liners floor me at times. How can a 3 year old be that witty? lol Emotions run high in this one though (like his mama). Tantrums have been next level crazy, BUT I think we turned a corner. Animals are still his thing. Unless those said animals are real. Ha! He started pre-K and has been totally cool with it! He waves goodbye and I go sit in the parking lot and pray, listen to music, and blog! lol


Don’t ask me what this man’s job is because after 12 years you think I would know! Ha! I’ve learned his title though - VP for a corporate bank. I will say I think he’s just an all around super hero. What you see is what you get. He talks very little, but when he talks it’s worth listening to every single syllable. Super smart human! :) He’s got the technical stuff down, but he would tell you that he’s working on the emotional. lol We always need to grow.

So goodbye summer and hello fall and all that God has in store for us! I’ve heard this phrase said in a pastor’s message “what’s next God?” The context was of a positive expectation of what God has for you!

Here are some highlights of our summer 2018 adventures!




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